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Yahoo Store Improvement

Yahoo Store is one of the most popular and excellent ecommerce platforms. Yahoo stores are accumulate with the various and dynamic web application features for the complete business management but Satisnet Business team always believe that budge any business at next level , customization is always needed .

Satisnet provide Yahoo store Improvement service, by this service existing Yahoo store owner can make their business to enrich at higher level. Satisnet is an authorized Yahoo Store Development company and we put our best efforts to make yours business growth on Internet and generate high revenue

YAHOO Store Improvement

How we can IMPROVE yours existing Yahoo Store

By providing extra functionality to yahoo store like

  • Mobile Yahoo Store
  • Advance shipping manager
  • Auto suggest cross sell installation
  • International checkout integration to yours yahoo store
  • Order blocking by country
  • On page custom image unloader
  • Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) requirements.
  • Yahoo store speed optimization review
  • Hide Non deleted item
  • Automated daily item display on yours yahoo store
SEO Features Improvement

  • Convert all links to your domain
  • Canonical Tags for Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Move CSS and Javascript to external files
  • SEO Copywriting for your Yahoo! store
  • Google Authorship
  • Video Sitemap
  • Load Speed Optimizer
  • Text Item Title - SEO enhancement
  • SEO Copywriting for your Yahoo! store
  • Structured Data - Rich Snippets - for Google and Yahoo and more...

Design Improvement features like

  • Automatic NEW graphic for new products
  • Checkout Manager Cart Wrapper Design Integration
  • Custom Option Templates
  • Dynamic Option Pricing
  • Floating Shopping Cart
  • Rotating Banner Images For Yahoo Stores
  • Tabbed Item Information Box
Existing Image Improvement

  • Automated Product Videos
  • Image Magnify
  • Yahoo Web Analytics Activation Update for Image Pop up
  • Image Watermarking for Yahoo Stores
  • Multiple Inset Table

Marketing Improvement

  • Social Networking Bookmarks
  • Affiliate Banner Creator
  • Auto suggest cross sell installation
  • MyBuys Product Recommendations
  • Yahoo! Promotions Center Installation Service
  • Custom Option Templates
  • Dynamic Option Pricing
  • Nextopia Advanced Search for Yahoo Stores
  • Pagination with Sorting

Highlights of Yahoo store development Services @ Satisnet

  • We have 20,000+ hours in end-to-end Yahoo Store development.
  • Completed over 200+ Projects specifically in Yahoo Store.
  • Team of Experienced 22 Yahoo store developer & designer.
  • 5 Flexible Yahoo store packages.
  • Offer more than 110 effective RTML features to improve Yahoo Store Manager.
  • More than 10+ different Yahoo store services is offered.
  • 100% Client satisfaction & 73% Client retention ratio.
  • 2 Unique and specific package Yahoo store development for Mobile platform.
  • 24 X 7 Client service

Its time to make yours Yahoo Store more competitive, enhanced and to give your customers that unique shopping experience they've always wanted, for more detail about our Yahoo store improvement service Contact Us.